Tragedy in Czech regional elections: Social Democrats are winning in all 13 districts

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As of tomorrow 13 Czech districts will have new regional councilors. So far (Saturday, 5:20 p.m. CET) it looks like social democrats won in all 13 districts, although they did not get more than 50 percent anywhere, so they will have to start coalition talks. The “voter attendance” was 40.25 percent.

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The victory of the “orange party” is a huge tragedy for his country. And it says a lot about its people, unfortunately. This is a victory of a party that “protects people from what it thinks are bad things”. And like I said before, many voters of Social Democrats are lazy and incompetent people who have no life and who fail to take any responsibility for their own actions. They have a lousy job but they will not do anything to find a new one. They think income tax shall not be a flat-rate tax, but it should be based on how much a person makes.

Czech Social Democrats think that people should have equally less.

The Civic Democrats, on the other hand, lost heavily in these elections. This is a party that sets some conditions and lets people do their best under these conditions. However, apparently not enough people appreciate it, or are capable to do so.

Michal Hasek, Jiri Paroubek and other leading social democrats are the biggest danger to this country. They know shit about advanced social state systems, like the Swedish one. What they know is that many people still know how “easy” life was for them during the communist era (in other words: they were surviving quite well doing nothing, because “we all had nothing”), and they turned this nostalgia into campaign.

According to Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, it is normal for a party that runs the country (the governing Civic Democrats) to lose regional election. It is a revenge of the opposition and its voters for the reforms the governing party has implemented. The current government introduced one-off CZK 30 fees that patients pay upon visiting their doctors’ offices and for every prescription they are issued. Although it ended wasting, Social Democrats maintain the fee is “antisocial”. That is a lie. The fee taught Czechs to behave economically, when it comes to medication(s). The measure reportedly saved hundreds of millions this year.


2 Responses to “Tragedy in Czech regional elections: Social Democrats are winning in all 13 districts”

  1. This is normally quite an interesting blog, but these comments about CSSD are frankly childish and ridiculously simplistic. The Social Democrats campaign may have been full of populist nonsense, but so pretty often are those of the right – remember all that stuff about a return to 1948 in the 2006 campaign? That’s democratic politics I’m afraid.

    And, as for this stuff about irresponsible ‘lazy and incompetent’ Social Democrat voters and nostalgia for communism, get real. There are plenty of reasons why hard-working regular people might think Paroubek safeguards their interests better than Topolanek and distrust flat tax experiments that will obviously leave them worse off. Frankly until the right understands this, it probably deserves to lose big time.

    Oh and by the way, 1938, 1948 or 1968 might have been a tragedy, but a swing to a mainstream party of the left in a stable EU state, well that’s boring old democracy in my book, however much you dislike the result.

    Please grow up and stop behaving like some teenage journalist writing in mid-1990s.

  2. Here is the thing: I admit the post was a little off the edge, but that was to illustrate my huge disappointment. What I will always hate about Paroubek and CSSD (and their general voters) is that they offer the “the state will take care of you” politics. The ODS-type parties define some conditions and say “you’re the citizen, do your best to take care of yourself”. I know many CSSD voters who refuse to make any change in their lives, they will rather stay unemployed. I have never heard of any unemployed ODS voter. And last but not least, there are some CSSD coalitions with communists underway which is the real bummer.

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