The worst case of child abuse and sex torture in history: verdict expected on Friday

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The worst case of child abuse and the related sexual torture in history (of this country) is expected to end on Friday before the District Court in Brno. The judge shall deliver his verdict. Five defendants can spend eight to ten years in prison.

The case is extremely complicated to explain, and TCDW will review the whole story with the verdict itself, and I have been following the case since it started, so just a reminder:

  • mother of two boys was locking at least one of them in a basement. He was naked, he had limited bathroom access,
  • the woman says she had been manipulated by her sister (also on trial) to do “bad things” to the boys, which included eating their own flesh,
  • another female defendant first posed as a 13 year-old girl, a family member. This M.A. graduate was involved in a sect, underwent a breast reduction surgery and later even escaped from an orphanage where she had posed as a girl. She was later found in Norway where she posed as a boy.
  • turns out several members of a mysterious sect took turns in the torture process

etc. etc.


6 Responses to “The worst case of child abuse and sex torture in history: verdict expected on Friday”

  1. The fact that people are capable of doing such grotesque, apaulling acts is proof of the evil in this world. What is wrose is that their punishment is only eight fuckin years?! Seriously?! For such horrible crimes that punishment is minicule, in my opinion they should rot in jail for the rest of their miserable lives for such heinous crimes!It my not be my place but such disgusting people need to die, I mean come on, you give this bitch eight years to sit in a cell and then walk free after such an ofense, she’ll just do it again! To conjour it all up; I think that we should give harsher punishments to such crimes, just saying would you want a person like that to be your neighbor?

  2. that is messed up! LEAVE THOSE BOYS ALONE!!!!!

  3. sick basterds i agree with the first comment i read. they should rot in prison were they belong . . . i sure as hell wouldnt want those kinda people around my naiborhood nor would i ever let my kids come in harms wayy like that .


  5. I personally think that these horrible effects and damages of abuse deserve more then a 8 year charge but those boys also need some attention from someone so hopefully they are getting love and comfort now.

  6. Yes they definatly do deserve to rot in hell. Befor thoes type of people would never walk out of a prison they would be tortured and beaten to death rightfully so. However the system likes their child abusers and petafiles and protects them in prisons now. Which is stupid those type of peices of shit should get whats coming to them. the children who suffered the abuse should decide their fate when they’re at an age to do so. An eye for an eye!! If you chatch my drift.

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