Kindergarten trouble

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Next Tuesday,  October 28, is a national holiday. Monday is a regular weekday for most people. However, many kindergartens in Brno (and other big cities) assume that most people will stay home with their children and that it would be too expensive to have the entire kindergarten open for the remaining (few) children.

So they decided to remain closed on Monday.

Mothers who can’t ask “grandmas” to babysit have to waste one day of their paid vacation to stay home with their children. Of course, a regulation orders that at least one kindergarten be open in every borough of Brno, but there are more angry moms with no babysitting than “free beds” in that particular kindergarten.

Strange. You would have thought that a facility that is owned and operated by the city would remain open even for three children, given that one-day shutdown would not save much. Plus, the municipality shall pay more attention to the number of parents who want to have their kid in kindergarten on Monday, not to the number of parents who do not. There is a big difference…


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  1. Hi, It seems that strange things happen here 🙂 How is that kindergardens just decided not to work on Mondat ? They may not work on Wednesday as well. What if people decide to take the whole week off:)

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