Thousands of private photos leaked from a dating website

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No face here. This girl was lucky this time...

No face here. This girl was lucky this time...

There are more than 11,000 of them. Most of them feature teen girls (not underage by law) wearing just underwear or nothing. And there are out there for everyone to see.

Somebody hacked the online dating server where these girls had their “private” folders with photos they would show only to boys whose identity they knew… And now the Czech torrent sites are full of 200MB .rar files for everyone to download and check whether they know any of the girls.

There are voices saying “they were stupid to post the photos in the first place so they deserve it”. That is a load of insensitive bullshit. There exists a certain level of trust when it comes to technology providers. Saying the girls deserve it is like saying a tourist who injures himself while hiking in the woods deserves to die because he has a cell phone operator with weaker signal in that particular location.

Like I said, 90 percent of the girls are obviously 15-18 and many of them are naked (not really porn, just “me and my cam phone” style), which says a lot about dating rituals of the recent times. Anything that can help you meet new people is good enough to give it a try without thinking too much. And if it comes back and bites you in the ass, you give up.

I bet the server lost thousands of users…


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  1. Dude I am not much into reading, but one way or another I got to read lots of post on your blog. Its amazing how appealing it is for me to return regularly.

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