All Souls’s Day. The Czech way

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Although Wikipedia mentions All Souls’ Day as predominantly religion-related day, November 2 in the Czech Republic has altogether different significance. It is observed by 99 percent of people, despite the fact that this country is almost 80 percent atheist.

People observe it by visiting the graves of their deceased ancestors or loved ones [most usually (grand)parents], cleaning them up, arranging new flowers etc. And since it is usual that one or two family members “do it for the rest of the family” it is safe to say that the day is observed by families as such – and the number of people who actually do observe it adds up.

It is also a day on which the most purses are stolen in this country in any given year. Elderly women who go to cemeteries to visit the graves of their deceased husbands and parents often pay less attention to their belongings while mending the grave(s). And thieves do their nasty job as well…


One Response to “All Souls’s Day. The Czech way”

  1. Just found your blog from Tanja’s links. You have a great blog!! I hope to come often! 🙂 If people are stealing the elderly womens purses then it fits that Czech Republic is 80% atheist.

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