Weekend bust: 69 drunk kids

In Law, Life on November 2, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , ,

It has been a frequent police activity during weekends to storm bars and clubs with breath analyzers to make sure clubgoers aged 15 to 18 have not been drinking.

This weekend the police inspected 40 such places in the Brno County and they busted 69!!! kids with above-zero blood alcohol level. According to Czech law only adults (aged 18 and over) can purchase alcohol legally, AND be served alcohol in pubs and clubs etc.

Of course bartenders have a relatively legitimate excuse: these vodka shots/beers/whatever were purchased by an adult and we can not prevent adult guests from secretly handing the drinks over to their teen friends in a dark corner, we can not oversee the entire club, we are not hall monitors.

Makes perfect sense. There are other ways to fight this kids-just-wanna-have-fun phenomenon. Considering the fact that most of the kids are social drinkers who think that TGIF events and vodka belong together, the parents should give the kids the big picture: if you are caught drunk repeatedly, I might to to jail… next time they bust you, I am not bailing you out of jail on the same day… or (my personal favorite) just subtract all of your alcohol Friday night checks from your college (or current) allowance…

Of course, every kid is “special” and not all things might work… especially when a father is drunk himself…


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