Czechs no longer need U.S. visa

In Economy, Law, Politics, Travel on November 17, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , , ,

As of November 17 Czechs no longer need U.S. visa. The Czech Republic entered the Visa Waiver Program within which all one has to do is fill out an ESTA application.

However, some restrictions still DO apply but they are related to rather administrative procedures that potential travellers have to take care of themselves anyway. They need to have a special “chipped” (biometric) passport, and if they need a student visa they still need to visit the U.S. embassy as the VWP only applies to tourists/short time travellers.

Coincidentally this change comes in a time when the U.S. DHS no longer needs to be afraid of Czechs coming to the U.S. to seek illegal employment. With the financial crisis and all, I think the country no longer has this problem… Instead (just like ANY country, including the Czech Republic) it can be happy to have any number of tourists who decide not to save money and travel anyway.

But for some reason the prices of airline tickets did not plummet, even though the oil prices did. One-way PRG-JFK airline ticket still costs around CZK 18,000 (around $1,000)…

transcript from a press conference at USDHS, attended by Secretary Chertoff and the Czech PM and Interior Minister


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