Ultra-modern skyscraper next to Vietnamese shacks

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Trinity Tower

Trinity Tower

A very interesting skyscraper keeps growing in downtown Brno, next to the current main train station (it does not look all that interesting _now_ but it will be once it is finished ). The municipality favors this new development, especially since there will soon be a brand new subdivision with offices, stores, apartments, and a new train station.

Which is exactly why I do not understand the Brno City municipality does not intervene in the problem of the most ugliest thing in downtown Brno. Shacks of Vietnamese “market salesmen” that line the underpass underneath the tracks of the railway station that sell ultra-cheap clothing, shoes and Chinese-made toys. It should be noted that the Vietnamese minority living in the Czech Republic is not generally poor, or lower-class. Many of them make a LOT of money on the type of clothing they sell. Many of them sell counterfeit Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Tissot, Festina, etc. They even occupy the most prominent street in Brno, because they can afford the rent. Paradox, eh?

I have been to many railway stations all over Europe and all of them featured stores and businesses that primarily serve travellers. Or at least they are operated by normal-merchandise-selling people: delis, souvenirs, possibly digital photo processing minilabs, etc. Why the hell would anyone buy bras and panties at a railway station?

...this place is sometimes called Little Hanoi

...this place is sometimes called Little Hanoi

Just to explain this, this has nothing to do with race or cultural aspects. This is about selling crap at inappropriate places. If these were Hanoi-esque restaurants, I would not say a word.

Sure, the City of Brno does not own the premises. But if it can regulate gambling machines in certain streets inside of houses it does not own either, something should be done about this. Tourists who arrive by EuroCity trains usually judge a city by the first impression they have. In terms of the above, Brno sucks…

3 Responses to “Ultra-modern skyscraper next to Vietnamese shacks”

  1. When a space is rented for retail use, contracts cannot stipulate such subjective things as the style/quality/value of the product sold.

    Indeed, even bordellos find rental space, hernas find rental space, etc… The city has no legitimate place in trying to stick its nose in legal private deals in the free market. What you see represents society, and the mentality thereof, for better or for worse.

  2. Good point, but not really the case here. The “shacks” are not situated in/on private premises. Bordellos can be in a private residence and nobody can object. These shacks are built at a railway station which is a public building and the authorities involve should do some “urban planning”. I do not think you would appreciate an ugly pork vendor stand in the middle of Ben Gurion Airport terminal…same thing here…I guess…

  3. This is very subjective., and the local populace votes with their wallets. This is not a visionary country.

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