“Do you want to arrest me?” felons ask cops as winter comes

In Law on November 20, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , ,

It happens every year, but this year more often and under less usual circumstances. People who do not want to spend winter in the streets, cold and hungry “let themselves be caught” stealing, hoping they would end up in jail for several months, TV NOVA reported tonight (link to be provided once the news story is posted on the station’s web broadcast).

The less usual circumstance include people who come voluntarily to any police station to ask whether there is any arrest warrant on them (in other words, they ask the cops “Have you been looking for me?”). The news story even quoted a drug addict who came to a police station to admit he had been using drugs and therefore breaking the law. He appeared before a judge within hours, admitting he wants to go to jail and he was indeed sentenced.

As a human being, I have sympathy for this man. As a taxpayer during economic/financial crisis, I am a little mad. Every day this and other inmates spend in jail costs thousands…


One Response to ““Do you want to arrest me?” felons ask cops as winter comes”

  1. “costs thousands”. Yes, so much the better to put that money into rehabilitation for the homeless and addicted. The obvious.

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