All I Want For Christmas Is… Her

In Love, Personal on November 30, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: ,

The Christmas Market in downtown Brno is represented by neat wooden shacks that sell traditional works of art or candles. But also purses and T-shirts. What do purses have to do with Christmas and traditional Christmas markets? Well, probably the fact that you can buy them for Christmas.

They also sell unbelievable hash browns (we are talking even 400-gram pieces) and hot wine. And hot wine is a good thing to go try with… well, her.

I probably should not say where I met her in case people I know know somebody who knows somebody who knows her (this paragraph could be 10 lines long 🙂 ). But it is safe to say that she is under my skin and it makes you realize screw gifts, I have everything (every thing) I need . So asking a girl out three weeks before Christmas is probably a nice gift to give yourself.

Plus, according to the most recent weather reports this Christmas will not be snowy (Phoebe Buffay). Good. You don’t want traffic jams and snow storms if most of your family members do a lot of driving as a part of their daily job.

Alright, alright. All I want for Christmas is (a date with) her. But if it doesn’t work out, I am buying a Vespa.


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