Brno Municipality: We care about people’s opinion. Sort of

In Brno on December 1, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: ,

The Brno City Municipality decided to renovate one of the major squares. The one that hosts the daily fruit market. Several notable architects offered their projects and the municipality made them public and had people vote which one they like best (look for the photo gallery underneath the article, click on the blue arrow).

Today the spokesman to the Mayor’s Office Pavel Zara was quoted by the Czech Television as saying something like:

Of course the opinion of the general public is important for us. But it is not like we will approve the project people like the most. We will consider it, but in the end it is the city council that has to decide.

A-ha. Last time I checked, the number of Brno councillors who have a degree in architecture or construction engineering was ZERO. So the elected officials who represent the public will decide for themselves, even though they represent the public. People trust them to make the right decisions. Now people told them what they want them to do and they will still say that the results of the public poll is not 100-percent binding upon them. What am I missing?


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