Do you want a Christmas tree in a flower pot?

In Life, Winter on December 3, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , ,

It has become a very interesting tradition here in the Czech Republic [it might have been a long-running thing elsewhere in the world, but I am too lazy to google it now, so sorry about that]: people who want to show some environmental thinking may buy a tiny Christmas tree [silver fir] in a larger flower pot. They can decorate it, or just take care of it during winter and they can plant it in March during an event the purpose of which is to save the silver fir in Czech forests.

The above links of the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation are in Czech, whereas the main page of the organization is here.

For some reason the pre-Christmas atmosphere [with the exception of snow] here in Brno is a puzzle of these tiny things. Like the sale of tiny fir trees. Or the fact that you can indeed buy hot wine with a hint of cinnamon and some spices in the street. Or that the Lord Mayor of Brno finds a wedding ring during his inspection walk on the square where the Xmas market is taking place and he asks several employees of the Marriage Records Office to find the owner based on the engraved date and name. Or that a certain special girl I know works hard and saves money to buy her mom vacation in South America.

I am getting the tree in a pot tomorrow…


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