Killing a violent husband? No longer murder one

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headlineCzech lawmakers made a significant change to the Czech penal code. Experts and family counsellors and therapists have been demanding this change for years.

For the time being, the law does not make a difference between murdering a husband for his daily visits to a pub and his daily beatings of his wife. BUT!! If the upper chamber of the Czech Parliament okays the proposal, there will be a difference. And so if a woman kills the tyrant who has abused her for years, it is going to be manslaughter, not murder one. Still a felony, though. But instead of 10-20 years in prison (murder one) she would face 3 to 8 (manslaughter).

Good development, but there is still one thing missing here. JURIES!!!

As far as I understand it [please correct me if I am wrong] jurors in the U.S. can find a woman NOT GUILTY and she can be free to go even if she has been on trial for murder one, if the jurors feel the defendant has killed her husband because he had been beating her on a daily basis. In other words, she is found not guilty and nobody will say “hey, let’s at least imprison her for manslaughter”.

Unfortunately, this is not how it works in the Czech Republic.


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