Two spoiled female college brats on a bus

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lionsLast night around 7 p.m. on the bus from Brno to my home town of Olomouc. Two college girls sitting behind me led a very bitter conversation. This is a rough transcript and translation:

Girl 1: Rough week you’re having, I guess.
Girl 2: Of all lectures and courses I had this week, I hated all of them.
Girl 1: Why didn’t you go to Opava [a town in NE Czech Republic]? You did get in…
Girl 2: Boring town. If you want to party you gotta travel to nearby towns, plus mother said she would not give me money for that.
Girl 1: Right. Well, the clubs in this town [Brno] are awesome. Gotta ask my parents for some allowance again, it is the time of a month again.
Girl 2: Tell me about it.  Before we get home I gotta come up with good ideas as to what I spent mine on. Making copies of a single copy of a library book sounds good, eh? But I have to ask mother before she gets out of the house tonight. Hopefully she comes back late because Martin is coming…

I haven’t heard so much “disrespect” towards one’s parents in a long time. Here we have two spoiled freshmen whose parents keep funding their college education they obviously do not enjoy and who won’t even [it was pretty obvious] get a part-time job.

FYI, Czech students do NOT PAY TUITION. In other words, if you attend a public school, it is for free. Well, you do pay for dorms, books, copies, lunches etc. but there is no tuition as such. With some minor exceptions, of course. And so, there are many young people who study because they “can”, not because they “want to”. And because college is a good period of time lasting five years during which one can still be irresponsible to great extent.

Tuition, of course, is a political issue. Social democrats, whether as a governing party or opposition, will always oppose it. So it is clear that if any right-wing party manages to introduce tuition with the related issues of student loans and suspension of payments, the next time the socialists win the election, they will repeal the laws and everything will go back to normal.

Socialists claim that any tuition would mean that public schools would become accessible only to richer classes. Economists claim the opposite. Anyone would be able to afford the loans and the lower classes, having earned a degree, would be able to repay the loans.

Okay, I can hear some readers say already: It is easy for you to say because you are not one of them. It is easy for me to say because I had many fellow students whose parents did have average incomes and these kids, having graduated, could [some of them did] become journalists and PR specialists earning $2,000 per month, which is really good around here…

Had the two brats on the bus had a part-time job, maybe their conversation would focus on something like this: This week I spent 16 hours at work [four hours a day, minus Friday] after 6 hours of lectures. Gee, I really can’t wait to see my parents to sit and have coffee with them.


One Response to “Two spoiled female college brats on a bus”

  1. Thanks for going to the trouble to translate, and educate those of us who don’t know the Czech system.

    It turns out that the Economists are right – in the US, some Indian entrepreneurs had created to loan poor students money, based on the degree they were seeking and a commitment to give them a percentage of their future wages.

    I had multiple part time jobs as a student as I didn’t want to abuse my parents. Hard work helped remind me why I was going to School. Once I was out of undergrad, it paid off and I got a full scholarship for my masters and Ph.D.

    Sorry to hear the Czech Republic still clings to its’ socialist roots.

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