Police bust: 182 drunk kids

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busschoolAnother weekend, another police bust, another bummer.

Several hundred cops visited a few dozen clubs and pubs in the South Moravian Region. They had breath analyzers and focused on teen fun-seekers. The bust revealed that 182 kids had been drinking. Some kids even lied to the cops seconds before they were analyzed.

Of course, owners of these establishments always have the same argument: We can not screen everybody who comes to our club and ask them for ID’s. And let’s say that they have two shots of vodka or two beers just before they come here. We can not be held responsible for “serving alcohol to them… They are drunk already.

Good point, at first. BUT: clubs that teens like to visit are very well-known and even the owners do have the idea. They can have a bouncer at the door who can ID the most obvious cases, like Miley Cyrus lookalikes… Plus, like I always say, sixteen year-old girls often have adult boyfriends who can order drinks “for themselves” and then pass one to their girlfriends…

According to statistics, still more and more children admit they know what it is like to be drunk at the age of 13. It can only work if they realize it sucks to be drunk and that they never want to experience this before they turn 18.

Some clubs in Brno in cooperation with the police introduced bracelets that guests are given to prove they are 18 or not. I can understand some adult guests who look younger would find it demeaning to wear them and they would rather go elsewhere…


3 Responses to “Police bust: 182 drunk kids”

  1. They do the bracelet thing at most concert venues I’ve been to. Basically, there are booths set up where you enter, and if you want to buy alcohol during the concert, you have to go to one of these booths, show your ID, confirm you’re 21, then you can get a bracelet and flash that at the concession stand. American adults put up with this (and with having to show ID to get into most bars). You can’t go into a bar or club if you’re underage, so there isn’t the problem of someone of age buying for someone underage. There’s the problem of fake IDs, but since it’s illegal to possess a fake ID, the liability generally falls on the person with the fake ID rather than the owner of the bar or club, unless their bouncer failed to detect an obviously fake ID.

  2. I was trying to think back at what age I got first drunk. It sure was not at 13. More like 16, I think :o) I’m sure we pulled any trick we could to get a beer or a shot at the pub…

  3. SCOOTAGE81: I guess concerts are a little easier because you don’t want to leave before the event is over. Clubs and pubs are come and go establishments, so it is harder to “regulate” people, you do need bouncers if you really need them but in reality it is the bartenders and waitresses who can ask for ID’s when taking orders… In the Czech Republic, you CAN go to bars if you are underage, because the term “bar” applies to coffee houses as well, and kids can get in to have a soda, tea, or coffee. And in the Czech Republic is is virtually impossible to make/buy a fake ID due to the technology used…

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