CSI Miami and its “Hungary Goof”

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CSI: Miami is not a bad TV show. The plots and premises are usually interesting and you gotta enjoy the investigation methods. Yes, I know, it’s television. It’s my line of business.

There is an episode called Legal. It was aired in 2004.

It is (among other things) about young girls from Hungary who are held hostage in a warehouse on the outskirts of Miami. They speak no English and they are forced to work as prostitutes.

I wish the writers had known something about Europe. It looks like they randomly picked a country and they did not use their brains. So here are some facts that you just can not blame on fiction: Hungary is a member of the EU – since 2004, coincidentally. English is a mandatory foreign language at (junior) high schools, so EVERY girl from Hungary who is 20-something and arrives in the U.S. MUST speak English. The passports used in the show and the “language” they spoke was anything but Hungarian.

So I guess the stereotype “girls from the Eastern Europe are pretty” and “the former East Bloc is not very civilized” seems to have survived…

Speaking of goofs, I recently watched NCIS where one of the characters mentions an operation “in the FORMER CZECH REPUBLIC”. Did I miss something???

2 Responses to “CSI Miami and its “Hungary Goof””

  1. Ahoj! You are absolutely right. I’m from Hungary. But I just saw this episode, and at the end, when one of the girls says something, it’s really in Hungarian: “Kérlek, ne bánts” (Please, do not hurt me.), with fairly good accent 🙂

  2. Well I’m a hungarian too and
    1) almost every fifth hungarian can speak english, let alone a second language
    2) forced prostitution and slavery is still live even in 2009. You should get your facts right. Just because we’re in a big shiny union, we’re still live like years before, even worse now that every brice must be in EU pricerange, but our salary still the lowest.

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