Special gifts you can give if you are a journalist

In Life, Love on December 11, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged:

holeinoneIf you have an unusual job you can always do your best to give your loved ones something special. If you feed animals in a zoo and your girlfriend loves tigers, you can talk your colleague, the tiger keeper, into sneaking her into the tiger kitten habitat to pet one. Don’t laugh, it can be done.

If you are a journalist, you can make use of your contacts. You know somebody who knows somebody who owes you a favor and who knows Vanessa Hudgens’ agent and before you know it your best friend can have an autographed CD of HSM DVD cover. I used the fact that I am a journalist, well, twice – with the same thing. Our cartoonist who normally does politicians and those daily cartoons on the op/ed page did two pictures for me. A while ago he did one for my best friend and now he did one of my niece. And I think I probably did the signature thing slash favor as well, but that was with little effort and I am sure the celebrity in question would do it for just anyone…

Now I am considering a new idea that involves an actual newspaper page. It should be for a very special person (I think I mentioned her here…). Nothing beats a well thought-out and very personal gift that says “I didn’t sleep for two nights before I came up with this…”


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