Shoe throwing? Fire him

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The journalist who threw his shoes at George Bush should be fired immediately.

(c) AP via BBC

(c) AP via BBC

Not because he threw shoes at a president. Because he threw shoes, period.

There are certain standards in ourprofession that include unbiased reporting and willingness to give up some of one’s rights in exchange for this job. A journalist can not simply misuse the rights and privileges he/she has to express their own opinion.

A journalist can not stand up during a press conference and tell the PM that he is an asshole. The flying shoes were to insult Bush, which is basically the same thing. The journalist’s behavior was absolutely unprofessional and as such he can not be trusted not to do it again.

It has nothing to do with Iraq and Bush and the fact that the people of Iraq hate Bush. If you are a news reporter, you just don’t do these things. If you a are a reporter covering a car accident, you don’t tell the driver who caused the accident “You idiot, you killed two people” even though it is the most normal human reaction. You just say “How did it happen?”

Doesn’t he know that the pen is mightier than the shoe?
Craig Ferguson — The Late Late Show

Had the journalist asked a very complicated question, Bush would have made an ass out of himself. He does that often. It would work much more, especially in the eyes of Western intellectuals. And I am certain that Bush-haters from the Arab world would prefer convincing Europeans and Americans. Much of the Arab world has made up its mind already, when it comes to Bush.

In March 2000 two students threw eggs at U.S. Secretary
of State Albright during her visit to Masaryk University
in Brno. If I remember it correctly they were expelled for
a very similar reason: they did it INSIDE the building
where Albright was to accept an honorary medal and the
students misused the fact that they had been granted access
to the building.

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