Thousands of ways to say Merry Christmas

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snowmanOne thing about being a journalist is that you often have to work during Christmas if your bad luck makes you pull the short straw when nobody volunteers to do it.

This is my second Christmas when I do not have to worry about it, and it is quite liberating. I AM going to work, though, but because I want to, and because I have a very interesting job/assignment (translation).

However, full-time translators DO have problems before Christmas. Our corporate clientele sends Merry Christmas cards, e-mails and business letters to their own clientele. And unfortunately the Czech language is very flexible when it comes to wishing Merry Christmas – but especially Happy New Year.

Czechs do not just wish Happy New Year.

They wish plenty of love. Happiness. Business success. Blessing. Lucky stars. Family well-being. Etc. etc. And of course they are so nice they want to wish all of the above to their English-speaking business partners abroad who are not used to such comprehensive Christmas greetings. Quite often I spend half an hour or more, trying to invent a meaningful translation.

Maybe it’s just me but it is way more touching and Christmassy to meet your friend on Fifth Avenue with all the Christmas decorations, exchange a few words and then just say Merry Christmas, rather than making up all the mandatory Czech wishes.

If you want to wish me something, how about good luck? 🙂 All I want for Christmas is her.


One Response to “Thousands of ways to say Merry Christmas”

  1. Yes, the holiday greeting card translations are a pain in the butt, aren’t they?

    Oh, and good luck 🙂

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