Finance Minister flips off his shadow colleague

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Czech Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek basically said Fuck off to the shadow Minister of Health David Rath IN THE PARLIAMENT.

(c) Czech Television

(c) Czech Television

The fuck-off gesture was a reaction to a very emotional speech in which Rath presented several lies and manipulation about the healthcare reform that is now in process. However, it is close to being withdrawn altogether, especially due to the fact that the opposition social democrats want CZK 30 fees cancelled. The 30-crown fee is paid by people who visit any doctor, or for every item on prescription. The purpose of the fee was to force people to stop wasting medications.

Social democrats said the fee is ruining people who already pay their health insurance premiums anyway. Nonsense. The truth is that the new system of fees was supposed to save money to health insurance companies, and the money could be used to treat people with really serious illnesses.

Rath DID deserve the bird, gotta say…


4 Responses to “Finance Minister flips off his shadow colleague”

  1. […] 15:57 Subtiele gebaren Woorden zijn maar zo, zo. Echte politiek bedrijf je met daden. Als zo’n daad IRL faalt, ga je gewoon op de virtuele toer. […]

  2. I can’t believe the picture! Well, actually now that I am thinking about the whole thing, I kind of can believe it…I am sorry but Czech politicians have no manners…Topolanek beats up the camera man, Kalousek flips people off, Havlova whistles in the parliament…they all need to be spanked – like little misbehaved kids.

  3. Topoláněk didn’t “beat up a camera man”. It was a Paparazzi idiot who wouldn’t take no for an answer when the PM was pushing his sleeping baby son in the pram on the street. The man pushed his way in to take photos (and wake the baby), and Topolanek pushed him back at the wall – I saw the footage. Media should have manners too.

    Havlova in Parliament was whistling a racist nationalist politician if I remember correctly. Luckily those guys have no seats in the house any more.

    Kalousek’s fingers be damned, he’s a clear-headed finance minister, that’s whats important.

    • As for Topolanek, we’re on the wordplay level here. If you “slam a person against a wall”, it does sound like beating. Yes, Havlova did whistle in the Parliament. And Kalousek’s gesture was probably the best reaction at the given moment…

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