Socialist and his arrogant crusade

In Politics on December 22, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

Numerous polls and rankings say that George W. Bush is the worst American president ever. Americans are lucky he is leaving.

Unfortunately for Czechs, the worst politician ever is not leaving. Chairman of the Social Democrats Jiri Paroubek. Not only the worst politician [according to TCDW] but the biggest asshole to have ever entered the Czech politics [also according to TCDW].

Paroubek’s party and fellow opposition communists (KSCM) recently refused to support the government proposal for foreign military missions next year.

The biggest problem is that they did not oppose the proposal per se. Czech governments have been sending soldiers on foreign mission for years, even the former Social Democratic government did it. No. Paroubek decided to play a revenge on the government and demanded that the government coalition support the abolition of a substantial part of health care fees in exchange.

The government did not want to discuss the fees that are a part of a very significant public finance reform the pupose of which is to stop excessive spending, mostly due to people overusing and overconsuming pharmaceuticals. Prescription drugs had been “overused” which means, with regard to the reform, that people would get them prescribed but they would seldom use them up. Health insurance companies had been spending billions that could have gone to treatment of serious illnesses, like cancer.

Paroubek said in reaction to the aforementioned issue: “They [government] did not want to negotiate, so there they have it”. Son of a bitch.

It means that the Czech involvement in foreign missions will have to end by January, as the units would not have mandate after February 28. They would have to be withdrawn, which costs millions and lasts for weeks or even months.

In other words, Paroubek risked the entire country’s reputation in NATO and EU in exchange for his socialist symbol of CZK 30 ($1.60). Czech News Agency has an interesting interview with an army general saying what is going to happen if the negotiations go terribly wrong.



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