Welcoming the year with crappy fireworks is plain stupid. Have sex instead. Or just tell your girlfriend you love her.

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Every year on December 31, thousands of people welcome the new year in the streets.

Every year thousands of Czechs meet on major city squares with bottles of champagne, hot wine and other beverages as it is legal to drink alcohol in the street. With some exceptions, there are perimeters around some buildings, schools, landmarks, etc.

But also, every year hundreds of Czechs celebrate with fireworks. And I mean HUGE ones. And very dangerous. And every year somebody starts practicing firing their own rockets and other stuff and they end up having their palms blown off. Or the rockets land on somebody else’s balcony, setting things on fire. Worse case, they break windows and land in living rooms, and since everybody has curtains in this country, fire is inevitable.

Frankly, I do NOT feel sorry for a stupid person who buys fireworks item from the Vietnamese vendors, with no proof of purchase, no user manual in Czech. It is an accident waiting to happen, and you can not say these people have not been warned. What I hate is the fact that they bring this stuff out in the open and they endanger people who want to celebrate like humans, drinking champagne and sing Auld Lang Syne [don’t click if you hate Kenny G.].

I think I said it last year 🙂 I know a guy who likes to spend the last seconds of the year making love to his girlfriend, so he likes to say he is probably the first Czech to have orgasm in any given year, because the rest of the country is either drinking, singing, sleeping drunk, or watching a stupid TV show. And believe me, the last-day-of-the-year shows ARE stupid. Gotta admit, there is something about this idea…

Happy New Year, everyone. See ya in 2009.


2 Responses to “Welcoming the year with crappy fireworks is plain stupid. Have sex instead. Or just tell your girlfriend you love her.”

  1. This is most definitely not just a Czech phenomenon, as we got treated to quite the amateur fireworks show from all directions on both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in Bratislava a year ago. And there were plenty of random times when we heard or saw fireworks from our windows, even when it wasn’t any obvious holiday or time for celebration.

  2. Vsechno nejlepsi do Noveho Roku!

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