The best program on Czech TV this Christmas: Love Actually

In Media on January 2, 2009 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged:

This is classic and its authors and actors should get Academy Awards for twenty years ahead:

Love Actually was probably the best Christmassy program on any Czech TV during 2008 Christmas. There are two main categories of Christmas programming on the three main Czech mainstream TV stations (Czech TV’s Channel 1, TV Nova, TV Prima – as you can see Czech stations tend to have female names, rather than US-like abbreviations, like CBS or NBC):

one, American family movies, like Beethoven, or Christmas movies, like the Griswold family piece or The Polar Express. I have to admit they are enjoyable because Americans are excellent at “making the most out of stuff”. So if they celebrate Christmas, cops will wear Santa hats. You never see anything like that here in this country. Americans are not afraid to, well, behave like kids or to give up some of their suit-and-tie dignity in exchange for fun. You almost never see that here.

two, lame Czech fairytales. Ever since I was a kid I hated them. It is always a fantasy-land or kingdom-far-far-away story. The thing that sucks the most, and don’t tell me kids do not mind, is production. The props, decorations and backdrops are unbelievably artificial, the king’s throne is often a red chair surrounded by strange ancient Rome-esque pillars. There are only a few classic fairytales that were shot in exteriors and at real castles.

And who could forget TV news broadcast special with bloopers and “funny fake stories” (about a TV reporter who is obsessed with rubber animal toys”). Although I have from a reliable source that the messed up stand-uppers (somewhere called sign-offs, we call them stand-ups) are faked for effect.

If you are interested how the legendary scene with the prime minister and Natalie sounds in Czech (the PM says fuck in Czech):

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