The Christmas tree must go. When? And where?

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I might be wrong but I am pretty sure there is no pan-European tradition as to when your Christmas tree should disappear from your living room, and when you are supposed to remove your decorations.  I THINK most families keep the tree until January 6 (the Three Kings’ Day).

I know a family that keeps it until the end of January, as long as there is now outside. If they have “brown Christmas” they follow the Epiphany rule of January 6.

Many Czechs trees end up on lawns around buildings. That is because you CAN take a wrapped tree into the apartment, but you can not take the used one outside. Please note that can not for the purpose of this article shall mean “men are too lazy to cut it to pieces and take the small branches out in a bag”. And so, the used up trees often litter streets, garbage can sheds and darker corners of suburbs.

Furthermore, many Czechs will have their apartments in pristine condition but they will not hesitate to overflow their garbage cans. They would think “the street is not mine, so I don’t give a shit if my candy wrappers are picked up by  wind from an opened can and blown across the street”. The same with old trees. Of course they don’t fit into garbage trucks regularly and the sanitation department says that technically, trees are not municipal waste and they should be recycled.

Yeah, right. How do they expect to make people remove all the wire hooks used to hang decorations?


3 Responses to “The Christmas tree must go. When? And where?”

  1. Do you think this is only in Czech Republic? It’s all over the world!

  2. Could you not have it mulched or recycled? There are organizations or cities in the US that offer the service of shredding your tree and you get some mulch for your garden.

  3. In the US (don’t know about in Europe), IKEA sells Christmas trees, then after Christmas you can bring it back and they’ll mulch it for you. Have no idea if they do it here or not….

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