Czech winter habits: slippers at work

In Life on January 8, 2009 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , ,

slippers_blogNo doubt the Czech workplace habits and etiquette have changed over the last 20 years. There are some things that people still won’t give up. Among them are home slippers that people put on to wear during their 8.5-hour workday. From my experience with colleagues I can say that women like to do it more than men. There are several U.S. managers in Brno who told me that they were warned, but still surprised to see, that Czechs take off their shoes at the door when they their apartments. So it is not a surprise that they do not want to have snow and mud underneath their tables.

Persons who wear slippers at work even include high schools. Not all of them, of course. It is no surprise, since Czech high schools are not campuses but usually single buildings, so students and pupils don’t wear their street shoes in classes and hallways either.

I sit at work and I do not move around much and I do not come into contact with clients and business partners, so I think having to wear heavy winter boots would be stupid…

One Response to “Czech winter habits: slippers at work”

  1. I almost forgot all about the slipper habit! Thank you for reminding me. I remember some kids at my highschool used to wear slippers but these individuals were considered dorky…Little did we know that they were the smart ones 🙂

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