got gas?

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Nope. We don’t.

After days of dry and empty pipeline, the Czech PM negotiated a deal between Russia and the Ukraine. The countries finally agreed to resume supplying gas to Europe.

But now they have technical problems that they refuse to solve: Russia says the Ukraine keeps withdrawing gas that needs to stay in the pipeline to maintain the necessary pressure.

The Czech Republic is now using up reserves and its intake of supplies of gas from Norway is working to its 100-percent capacity.

UPDATE JAN 15: Nothing new so far, as of Jan 15 it is still not flowing…

But people in the Balkans are freezing.

And its gets you thinking:

What happens next year? Are we gonna go though this all over again?

Is Russia telling us that “it is still here” and it is not to be messed up with?

Is Russia telling us that the EU should reconsider making friends with the Ukraine by inviting it into the EU and NATO? Russia does not want either.

Will people in Europe start hating Russia even more? Well, Czechs don’t like it anyway. What about Russian products and firms? Will Europeans reconsider these partnerships?

This is what the network in Europea looks like (via I know this is probably a stupid remark, but can we reverse the direction and start purchasing gas from the U.K. and its North Sea resources?

UPDATE FRIDAY JANUARY 16: Slovakia made an agreement with the Czech Republic today on the reversing the the direction of gas flow in the main pipeline, so that Slovakia can pump gas in the eastbound direction, amounting to some 20 million cubic meters per day.

UPDATE SATURDAY JANUARY 17: As of Sunday Slovakia will indeed receive natural gas “from the Czech Republic”, i.e. the main pipeline will be reversed. Western Europe distributors and the main Czech distributor will pump 15 million cubic meters a day. The average Slovak daily consumption in winter time is 25 to 30 cubic meters. The governments of Russia and the Ukraine did not reach any deal so far (as of Saturday evening CET). However, the EU gas distributors suggest they would pay for the technical gas (the purpose of which is to pressurize the system) themselves…


6 Responses to “got gas?”

  1. I guess Russia is flatly stating … DON’T STEAL MY GAS … but of course, it could mean something else …

    • This obviously was the number-one reason for shutting it down, but unfortunately European countries that DO pay and do NOT steal it suffer because of RUS-UKR disputes.

  2. Well … I guess that when they planned that pipeline, they never expected that Ukrainian officers would steal their gas … they can’t build another pipeline to avoid Ukraine …

  3. We must reckon that the U.S. of A didn’t NEED to invest much of an effort to lure those Ukrainian cleptocrats into a divisive stance …

  4. Just came across your blog–it’s great! I added you to my expat blogroll. Thanks for the updates on the natural gas situation…it will be interesting to see if and when the gas will be coming!

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