Czech architect Jan Kaplicky dies at 71

In Breaking News, Culture on January 15, 2009 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged:

Famous Czech architect Jan Kaplicky died today at the age of 71. He collapsed on the street as he was coming home from a party where he celebrated the birth of his daughter, who was born just hours ago.

Google News reports the story in more than 10 languages. It shows how famous and popular he was…


4 Responses to “Czech architect Jan Kaplicky dies at 71”

  1. I just read it on iDnes. How sad. At least he died happy…

  2. In fact, he did not manage to reach the site of the party where he was intending to go to. He died quite near from the place he was going to meet his friends he phoned earlier that day, according to Blesk daily tabloid newspaper.

  3. Thanks, Mr Bokuvka for the prompt and knowing reply.

    Let’s hope the project cherished by Jan Kaplicky will see the light one day.

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