Teacher taped having sex with a student

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A 35-year old high school English teacher was taped having sex with a pupil. The footage can now be seen all over the Czech (and even Slovak) Internet, the news sever writes.

Well, to be exact,
servers write.

It was not illegal. The young man was adult at the time they had sex, because high schools seniors are all eighteen. The principal is quoted by the dailies as saying that there is no way he can fire the woman.

The Czech society is very tolerant when it comes to private lives. We do not associate private lives with moral grounds for a job that often. We do gossip and we do point fingers. Well, in case of some politicians, maybe. But this is sex. And the Czech society in general does not have a problem with sex. Pardon my French, but even teachers fuck. But there should be no damnation, as there would be, let’s say in the U.S. or other more conservative societies…

Plus, contrary to some claims of two of the cited dailies, the student was not a student of HER school. Maybe the one who taped it was, but there is nothing wrong about it either.

The ONLY problem is that this took place in a small town. And her last name was quoted in the media, so it is fair to say that the media did play some part in ruining her life, but she did the main part, of course when she let the other punk tape her… And when she became “friends” with students. There has to be some “moral distance”.

But then again, when I said that Czechs do not have a problem with this issue, I wonder what would happen if this was a male teacher and a female 18 year-old student.

UPDATE: The woman reportedly suffered a nervous breakdown and she stays home “on sick leave”. And according to discussion forums underneath news article, the video is really everywhere. Sounds like a huge mistake she will have to live with. But definitely not in the same town.

UPDATE: try this link, if you really want to see it
…and according to discussion forums, this one should work, too


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  3. What you mean that everything is OK and that Czech society is OK with this? How many Czechs would like their sons and daughters to be thought by this teacher? Probably , the same number as here in the US.

    thats the vid, if you want

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