Authorities seek legal ways to fire the “pornstar teacher”

In Education & Science, Law, Life, Love, People on January 23, 2009 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: ,

The teacher from the Czech town of Znojmo who was taped having sex with a student is under fire.

In legal terms concerning the sex as such, she didn’t do anything wrong. Her partner was adult, so no sex crime there. Originally the school principal claimed having no legal instrument to fire the woman immediately, because she did it in her spare time, and it did not take place on school premises.

However, it does not look good for her in terms of labour law. The governor of the South Moravian Region (because regional administrations cover high schools) says the teacher should not go back to school as she can not have any moral authority there. The South Moravian Regional Department of Education is now seeking legal ways to “fire” the woman immediately, as her employment contract expires on 30th June.

A certain lawyer says that “a teacher shall behave in a way that promotes legitimate interests of their employer” (I guess he is saying that a teacher shall set some moral examples, what ever that means).

But the woman did not do anything de iure illegal. She just proved that teachers are normal people. Just like president Vaclav Klaus who was caught with what the media called “his girlfriend”. The governor of the region decided that this witch hunt will win him some political points. What does the fact that a teacher tapes herself having sex has to do with her abilities to teach English?

A certain daily quotes a famous Prague lawyer as saying that: Immediate termination of employment would be possible if the teacher shot porn on purpose [for money] or if she distributed it purposefully. Plus, specific labour act provisions that the teacher violated would have to be named, which is questionable in case of “moral issues”.


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