Wine cellars collapsing in Southern Moravia

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(c) Getty Images

(c) Getty Images


Several wine cellars collapsed in the village of Boretice, Southern Moravia, Czech Republic, burrying valuable wine archives and supplies. Their owners say damages are estimated at several million crowns.

The Southern Moravian Region is probably the most famous wine region in the country. There are wine trails across the region as well as many other forms of wine tourism. The owners of the cellars and other locals say that melting snow is the phenomenon to be blamed. It has caused soil to move and the walls and ceilings could no longer hold the moist…etc.

Now people fear that other cellars will start collapsing too, as there are many of them built right next to each other, plus heavy trucks passing by make the ground shake even more. Authorities claim that many of the owners have build extensions (upper floors) using heavier bricks and concrete and the basic structure of the early 20th century-built cellars were too weak for that…

UPDATE: MEP Jana Bobosikova and the South Moravian governor are involved now, they are trying to come up with some solution. It is definitely a good thing, but the help should not be provided to those who had been stupid and had built their cellars while violating construction regulations. Only innocent victims should get help, i.e. those wine makers whose legal cellars collapsed because the neighboring “illegal ones” did… Apparently, some investigation is underway…


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