Sky Europe loses yet another aircraft

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The Slovak low-cost Sky Europe airline is down to FOUR aircraft. It originally operated FOURTEEN Boeing 737 (many of which were NG) but the owner, a leasing company, took them back because the airline failed to pay installments on time, the server reports.

The image of the company is now really awkward because many charter airlines from Southern Europe (Bulgaria, Croatia,…) have to help Sky Europe by lending their aircraft and crew. Sky Europe have cancelled hundreds of upcoming flights, which includes my March 17 trip to Amsterdam. They had to change the reservation.

So instead of comfy 737-700NG’s people have to accept old MD-83’s. Not to mention the uncertainty: you don’t want to depend on such a company if you travel for a business meeting. Sure, any flight can be delayed or cancelled, but the case of SE is a huge bummer waiting to happen…

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4 Responses to “Sky Europe loses yet another aircraft”

  1. […] Czech Daily Word writes about problems facing the Slovak low-cost Sky Europe airline. Posted by Veronica Khokhlova […]

  2. Great trip, story, and especially photos! Thanks for taking the time to share. Looks like plenty of blue sky (I’ve never seen it, or any of the Southern Alps).

  3. […] stories about canceled flights and canceled routes. Petr Bokůvka reports that the airline is now down to its last four aircraft. Some of the shiny 737s have been replaced with older, loaner […]

  4. In February SkyEurope has cancelled the flight Manchester-Birmingham on July 19, which I booked on January 4. On March 23-rd I asked SkyEurope for refund in the amount of EUR 137.00. On May 7-th the Reservation Agent informed me that they have processed my refund request, it was forwarded to the financial department on April 15-th and the refundable amount will be credited back to my card account within the next 4-6 weeks. Nobody contacted me since that time and they are not replying for my further complaints. THEY ARE REALLY IN DEEP FINANCIAL TROUBLE!

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