Jobless foreigners stay here. With no bright future

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(c) Getty Images

Several thousand foreign workers who had been employed by Czech companies prior to the financial crisis did not have their employment contacts prolonged on January 1. In other words, they were the first ones (or among the first ones) to lose their jobs.

They are staying in the Czech Republic with little or no money at all. The agencies that found them jobs and collected hefty fees do not feel the moral or legal responsibility to help them. In terms of the law, once their employment status ceased to exist, they do not have the right to stay here and they should go home. De iure, that is…

These are personal tragedies. The people often had to borrow money to be able to pay for airline tickets and premiums to the agencies that brought them here. The amount that they had to pay does not correspond at all to the “situation of the country they come from”: i.e. mostly Mongolia, Vietnam or the Ukraine. If one converts the amount into the average monthly salary in Mongolia (and these people did NOT have the average), it is not a pretty number that pops up.

Unfortunately, it is the law and all countries, even the most civilized ones, deport illegal immigrants and illegal workers: the U.S., Australia, etc.

I am well aware of the fact that construction workers from the Ukraine built the apartment building where my future apartment is going to be – as of April. If the companies building it only employed Czechs, it would be more expensive. Just like hotels in Florida can have better prices for American guests thanks to cheap “Work and Travel” summer job seekers from the Czech Republic.

Now the police are stating the obvious, and it has nothing to do with race, or stereotype. It is a matter of survival. Jobless and broke people from Mongolia or Vietnam who have no money to fulfill their statutory obligation to leave the country will start committing crimes.

And according to a friend of mine from the Foreign Ministry, a calculation is being made, as to what is cheaper: fly them home at the expense of taxpayers, or prepare for and bear the social and other costs of having the illegal jobless workers here… Tough, either way. For everyone.


2 Responses to “Jobless foreigners stay here. With no bright future”

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  2. It is an unfortunate situation for all. But when times are tough it is a reality. I would think the harsh Czech winter coupled with the reduction of opportunities and the over burdened soical services would encourage foreign workers to exit.

    I see the crown continues to fall against the US dollar, which is bizarre given the state of the US economy. Also some reports have foreign investments falling some 80% from their 2007 levels in the developing world. Not sure if they are counting the new EU states in that definition of ‘Developing world” but capital investment coming into the Czech Republic has to be down.

    The Czech Republic is one of the best countries i’ve visited. I enjoy your insights and thoughts in all matters Czech. In other words I love the blog.


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