Pornstar teacher quit the school on her own

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The 31 year-old teacher from the Czech town of Znojmo who was cell-phone taped having sex with a 19 year-old man quit the school on her own. Under the Czech Labour Act, this form of employment termination that is initiated by the employee and against which the employer does not object can become valid and effective immediately, with no severance pay involved.

Originally, the principal maintained that there were no grounds on which she could be fired, so if he really wanted to fire her, he would have to give her 4 monthly salaries as the aforementioned severance pay.

Students mostly voice their support, as this was a “stupid party incident” she took part in in her spare time, and she did not violate any law. However, there are still some theories that the person who actually taped it was only 15.

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  1. […] According to the police the footage was indeed made by a sixteen year-old student who IS the woman’s student. Or was, because the woman quit on her own before her principal could find a legal way to fire her. […]

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