New weekly newspaper is for free

In Economy, Media on February 4, 2009 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , , ,

newspaperThere is a new project about to be launched in the Czech Republic. A new weekly newspaper. It is going to be called “… Seven” (replace the dots with a name of a town, region, or district, depending on a particular regional version). The link is an excerpt from the registry of the Czech Patent Office.

I heard that the paper will be for free, like the Metro International project throughout much of Europe. I think the people who say that the future belongs to sources of information that people do not have to pay [directly] for are right, sort of…

I could never develop a reader-paper relationship with a newspaper that is handed out by vendors and paperboys at tram stops. I live in downtown Brno and I see what people do with Metro. They leave it on trams, park benches, they stuff it in garbage cans, or they just throw it away. You rarely see that being done to/with a regular newspaper.

And of course the newspaper owner “shattered” quite a few news department teams of their competitors. Ten people are leaving the news department of my former employer here in Brno. Ten is a lot.


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