Summer holiday confusion

In Czech Tourism, Economy on February 6, 2009 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , , ,

floridaThere is something very strange about this economy…

Some news articles say that summer holidays will be extremely cheap for Czechs this year because travel agencies purchased hotel beds and rooms in advance last year, and they paid for them. Now they will have to attract people by low prices because everybody is careful and saves money…

And other news articles say that travel agencies will increase their prices drastically because of the EUR-CZK exchange rate (Euro is getting more expensive for Czechs over the last couple of weeks…).

OK, so if travel agencies had to REDUCE prices to fill up their reservations, how on Earth do they expect to do the aforesaid with even high prices. Surely they can not attract enough people who would compensate the losses by paying more for their holidays anyway…

Croatia used to be the most favorite destination for Czechs, and I think it still is. A while ago experts started to say that  Czechs have begun to seek other destinations. I think that the crisis will make many of them reconsider their holiday plans… and it will be the Adriatic Sea with homemade meals and meat cans a la 1990’s all over again…


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