Pickpocket PA in Ostrava trams

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(c) Getty Images

(c) Getty Images

An interesting approach towards people who are robbed in trams in the Czech town of Ostrava was introduced by the transit authority. A “pickpocket” speaks to passengers on regular basis. The PA is of a young “cool-dude” guy who thanks passangers for making his life easy by not paying attention to their belongings:

Hey folks. I haven’t had a decent job for three years. Please, keep NOT paying attention to your personal things, so that I can have the time of my life. Thanks. Your very own pickpocket.

According to reactions quoted by the daily [cf. the link] people start paying attention to the PA and they do actually pat their purses and bags and pockets to make sure their wallets and cell phones are where they put them. Dozens of people are robbed every day, most usually as they board the tram. There are gangs operating at certain stops where they create a “fake crowd” in which several people are making a “wall” while one does the robbing.

In the city of Brno there used to be a driver who would display photos of well-known pickpockets in his tram. Some lawyers claimed this violated the Personal Data Protection Act… I can’t seem to find out how this case ended up…

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