Wake me up before the crisis go-goes

In Economy on February 9, 2009 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , ,

It is relatively hard to be a journalist and not losing one’s mind or nerves these days. When I was a radio editor/host or newspaper editor I used to spend long minutes scanning news agencies and news servers, to make sure nothing “got away”, news-wise. Lately one has to be a masochist to visit the pages voluntarily.

I always knew that people who only read stupid tabloids have their reasons: their lives are not that happy and they are either lazy or (unfortunately) unable to do anything about it, and tabloids provide what I was taught is called escapism. And now there finally exists a real reason for doing so: tired of (or scared, at this stage) of stock exchange news? Micro-economy indices update? Read about exposed tits of a young celebrity, think about having “some of these at home” and try to occupy your mind thinking of something else…

Newspaper circulation data for January will be “interesting” either way…

So I decided to start skipping my morning paper as much as possible… as soon as it gets a little better, I am sure someone will let me know…

Of course the most significant developments are still to be found here. 🙂


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