Where did all the pubic hair go?

In Life, People on February 11, 2009 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , , , , ,

Fashion is a remarkable phenomenon.

In 2001 I went swimming one day and I was pointed at by two high school guys in showers and I am pretty sure I heard the word “fag”. I ignored it because they did not seem ready and willing to participate in a debate on, well, hair, and I had to admit that back in 2001 not many men felt the same as them and you can’t do anything with stereotypes if you have to deal with two idiots, especially when you are naked.

2008. A strange thing happened during the seven years. Many Czech men seem to have realized that scissors and razors do the thing, and we do not even have to have a famous male celebrity who would promote shaving, just like some U.S. famous men do.

According to my ex-girlfriend’s little survey among our friends, most men decide to do something about it as a result of their girlfriend’s request/nagging. Once they survive their “what will guys in the gym say” stage, they are doing fine.

So, yes, Czech men do shave a lot… This has been an answer to a reader question…


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