Happy I Love You Day

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(c) Getty Images

I think it is very unfortunate to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the middle of winter. Every florist will tell you that temperatures below zero are not good for fresh flowers, so buying a bouquet when it is minus 6 Celsius and carrying it home, leaving it at room temperature and taking it outside once again to your girlfriend’s place….well…sucks.

I love giving flowers but I hate the part when you have to remove the paper wrapper before the recipient actually sees it. Traditionally, flowers are wrapped in a see-through foil and then in very ordinary brown-ish paper. It is NEVER like in American movies where a good-looking gentleman arrives at a florist stand and leaves one minute later with a bouquet that fits into his hand perfectly. And I also noticed that wind NEVER blows in the Czech Republic until you buy flowers. Then, it begins and it stops when you arrive at her doorstep.

Many Czechs refuse to observe-observe this day because they think it is “American import”. I might be wrong, but I think it is the ONLY “American” notable day we actually acknowledged and started to observe and celebrate.

If you ask me, every day should be an “I love you” day and guys who tend to give flowers only on three occasions per year (name day, birthday, Valentine’s Day) just don’t know what they have and they deserve to die alone.

UPDATE #1: Tanja of The Czechmate Diary linked to this post, which reminds me to remind (especially) U.S. readers of this Czech girl who has lived in the U.S. for some time and who often comments and blogs on interesting US/Czech issues…

UPDATE #2: server reports on an interesting promo event of Sky Europe airlines. It is called Kiss and Fly. Couples who arrived at check-in desks in PRG, VIE, KSC and BTS and KISSED were granted free return tickets, provided there had been some seats still available… Cool…

3 Responses to “Happy I Love You Day”

  1. Hi Peter,

    that’s a good point, Valentine is probably the only US holiday that the Czechs celebrate! But I think it’s a good thing. There are plenty of guys who need such a corporate reminder to actually physically appreciate their loved one…

  2. PS: I just linked to you for today’s post 🙂

  3. […] day to all!!!! Today I picked a cute, contemplative story written by my fellow blogger, Petr Boruvka. Petr is a cool Czech guy who lives in Brno (CR). What is mind-boggling, however, that his English […]

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