Cops: Penis snow sculpture? No way

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(c) B. Malecek,

(c) B. Malecek,

A group of enthusiasts from the Czech town of Slavkov u Brna found a unique way to spend winter free time. They build penis sculptures. In other words they build a snow mock-up of something almost everybody in this country has seen or touched (at least once) in their life.

However the Municipal Police of the said town decided that the sculpture must be destroyed. The Commissioner, Pavel Ehrenberger, said to a local daily:

It was built close to a kindergarten, so it had to go…

Since this was a penis, I think it is appropriate to react: What the f*uck? It was a piece of ice, for crying out loud. It was a satirical stunt. And so what it was built close to a kindergarten? Uptight parents could have told their kids it was a mushroom, whereas normal parents could explain it according to the actual status of mental development of their child. Is the Commissioner trying to say that had this thing been built elsewhere, they would leave it alone?

Plus, I am pretty certain that kindergarten kids can’t be offended by a snow sculpture resembling an erection, if they have not seen a real one before, which corresponds to Charles Sanders Peirce’s theory of signs and semiotics. There is no connotation, there is no reference model…

This is a huge hypocrisy issue going on. Many Czechs will turn away when they see a drunk hobo – but they often get drunk at parties themselves, so the only difference is that they wake up in their own or somebody else’s bed, while the hobo wakes up on a park bench. Some people will point and faint when they see a snow (!!) sculpture of a penis but they will not report their neighbor to authorities for littering.


2 Responses to “Cops: Penis snow sculpture? No way”

  1. Nice! Much better than snow men.

  2. y cant there be stuff like that in england! no seriously its hot. do u think them guys r gay

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