Czech MP okayed the Treaty of Lisbon

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(c) Getty Images


The Czech Parliament [lower house] okayed the Treaty of Lisbon; 125 MP’s voted in favor of the treaty today.

Interestingly enough it was passed thanks to two coalition parties (the Green Party and the Christian Democrats) AND the major opposition party, the Social Democrats. Only 36 out of 79 Civic Democrats (senior governing party) raised their hands and pressed their buttons to say yes.

Now the act on the Treaty of Lisbon will go to the upper house (Senate) whose members are known for their dislike of the document and according to the Denik daily there are at least 17 Senators who will file an appeal before the Constitutional Court.

Deputy PM Alexander Vondra’s reaction:

vondraI welcome this result as a significant step in the Czech Lisbon Treaty ratification process. It is a responsible step preceded by a thorough, democratic debate. The complete ratification in the Czech Parliament is subject to the consent of the Senate. The Senate, however, first requires the enactment of legislation that would prevent the transfer of further powers to the European Union under the “Passerelle clauses” without the Parliament’s express consent. I believe that this requirement of the Senate will be satisfied as soon as possible and that the upper chamber of the Czech Parliament will join the Chamber of Deputies in giving the green light to the Lisbon Treaty.

One Response to “Czech MP okayed the Treaty of Lisbon”

  1. It would seem that given the passage by the government, the Prez is simply trying to use the leverage he has now that Ireland and Poland have signed off on Lisbon.

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