Postal worker who opened almost 40,000 letters will NOT go to jail

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78264382Between the years 2001 and 2006 a postal worker from the town of Breclav had opened and stolen contents (foreign currency) from more than 39,000 letters from foreign countries whose addresses lived in the Southern Moravian Region. And now the presiding single judge announced his verdict: one year in prison subject to one-year suspension of sentence (probation) and a CZK 50,000 fine. Which means that if he pays the fine and if he is good for the next 12 months, he will not go to jail.

The cash stolen from the letters over the period of five years amounted to CZK 11,000 (a little under $500), authorities say. The man did not cooperate with the police at the beginning, despite being shown strong evidence. This is why he did deserve jail…but oops. The judge explained:

I am bound by the provisions of the penal code. It may seem like a light penalty. Couldn’t do more [be stricter –ed.]… The man was on trial for theft and violation of secrecy of mail obligation.

I said it before and I will say it again…somebody should take our penal code, go section by section and multiple all numbers referring to jail by three…

A few months ago TV Nova did a story on Letters Never Delivered. The reporter actually brought some letters to their addresses and asked for their reactions. One of them felt like a Hallmark love story: “it was a letter from my then-boyfriend…I thought he had stopped writing because he had broken up with me”….

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