Judge cried while reading a life sentence verdict in child rape case

In Law on February 20, 2009 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , ,

A Slovak man was sentenced to life in prison for rape and murder of a nine year-old Czech boy today. As evidence was presented in court, many people cried, including the District Attorney. While reading the life sentence verdict, the presiding judge had to stop for ten minutes and ask the people in the court room to leave, because he started to cry himself…

The paedophile pleaded guilty and he himself requested death penalty (although we do not have it here…) or life sentence. He will not appeal the verdict.

Since he is a Slovak citizen, he will be deported, which means he will serve time in a Slovak prison.

According to experts, this would not have happened under normal circumstances: the man was a registered offender and as such he was on medication. However, he stopped taking the pills which led to changes in his behavior. After he raped the boy, he had to “get rid of a witness”, the DA said about the main motive.


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