Czech kids think they’re cool with their cell phone music…

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Do you remember late 1980’s and early 1990’s Eddie Murphy movies a la Beverly Hills Cop? Almost all of them featured a scene from Bronx-esque neighborhood and there would be a wanna-be-cool black guy walking down a street with a huge stereo on his shoulder. Kind of like this one:

(c) Getty Images

(c) Getty Images

The music would be loud, but it would add to the atmosphere of the neighborhood, and the black guy with huge hair and tight pants would belong there. You would know because a squad car would drive up and the said black guy would not even bother turn it down, and instead he would yell at the police officer something along the lines of Wassup, man?

I hated the attire but I did like the atmosphere.

And now, the town of Brno, the year 2008. A typical scene: two wanna-be-cool junior high boys are walking down just any street, most usually in downtown Brno. One of them is holding his cell phone and you can hear loud music playing. You only need one second to realize that he is not really listening, nor is his buddy. A normal person does not carry their cell phone on a busy street, they have it in their pocket and they use an earpiece.

The black guy was carrying his huge stereo to demonstrate his love for music/rhythm, to say that by playing music outside he think he “owns the street” of his neighborhood (with all due respect, one would probably NOT see the same in the Hamptons). Czech kids need to feel better about themselves by showing everybody “look what my parents have money for”…

Kinda sad…


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