Serial shoplifter pardoned by the president was caught stealing again

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sb10068239n-001Zdenka Conkova, 54, from the town Ostrava is a convicted multiple shoplifter. Last December she received the general pardon from president Vaclav Klaus due to her bad health, so she avoided serving time for multiple theft, the Novinky news server wrote.

She was caught stealing again in January and she is scheduled to appear in court in early March. According to the spokesman of the local court there is no way she can get just suspended sentence. She had been granted this privilege before but obviously it did not work, the news server wrote.

The woman is a diabetic and one of her legs had to be amputated. The January theft took place in a big grocery store where she stuffed groceries worth over CZK 1,000 into her wheelchair and left without paying. She was caught by a security guard.

I generally think that the instrument of presidential pardon shall NOT apply to crimes committed “on purpose”. There have been pardons granted to people who had been involved in unfortunate accidents that were qualified as gross negligence (car accidents). It is okay to grant pardon to a person based on “everybody can make a mistake” approach. But doing the same in case of a repeat offender just doesn’t sound right, even when it comes to “stealing groceries”. She was not stealing “bare necessities” like bread and butter and it IS illegal, after all.
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2 Responses to “Serial shoplifter pardoned by the president was caught stealing again”

  1. Its really an interesting news. Is the person with any mental disorder?!

    • Nope, she just steals stuff. Petty crime as usual…no big deal. The only thing is that she steals stuff while in a wheelchair and she will never learn…but she is perfectly aware of her actions…

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