Barack Obama will visit Prague in April

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(c) Getty Images News

(c) Getty Images News

U.S. president Barack Obama will visit Prague on April 4 or April 5, the news server wrote Thursday, citing sources that participate in the preparation of the visit. The White House has not confirmed the visit officially.

Obama plans to attend several events in Europe around the given date. He will visit the G-20 summit in London or NATO celebrations in Strasbourg, France and Baden-Baden, Germany.

The news server wrote that Obama was invited by the Czech government immediately after his victory.

Something tells me that Czechs like Obama more than they would like McCain. The only reason Czech masses would gather alongside streets to see McCain’s motorcade would be the sole fact that they could say they have seen the president in his armored car with his Secret Service entourage. McCain’s “heroic past” does not (or, would not) speak to Czechs and considering their experience with previous political figures, they need and tend to show respect to politicians who know what they are doing and – at the same time – have enough strength to do it. Seems like Europe in general thinks that Obama means “future” for America – a man who has much still ahead of him. We do not joke about McCain being old (in the Craig Ferguson style a la “did you hear the joke about George Washington and John McCain walking into a bar….”) but I think it is safe to say that president McCain would not convince much of Europe…

2 Responses to “Barack Obama will visit Prague in April”

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  2. This will be an important visit for Obama to make. It would go a long ways to show the Czech people he cares about them. I am curious what he will do about the proposed missile radar base when so many Czechs are against it! I hope he will listen to what the Czech people want in regards to this matter!

    I enjoy your blog–always something new and interesting to read here!

    Have a great day!
    Sher :0)

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