Government: the number of Czech MP’s should be odd

In Politics on March 4, 2009 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , ,

The Czech government (coalition leaders, to be exact) came up once again with a proposal that has been “called for” for years. The number of MP’s in the Czech lower house (Chamber of Deputies) should be reduced by one, from 200 to 199. The government probably realized that the recurring tie of 100-100 has become a real problem.

There have been numerous cases of political disputes when a vote would end up in a tie and new round was called.

The upper house (Senate) does not have the same problem, as there are 81 Senators from the very beginning. The Senate can outvote the lower house.

UPDATE: TV Nova reminded tonight that this issue is a part of a backroom dealing between the senior coalition ODS party and Christian Democrats who had wanted the same prior to the elections. However, the MP number reduction is closely tied with presidential elections. For the time being Czech president is voted at a joint session of both chambers. And 199 plus 81 would equal 280, i.e. 140-140 tie risk…again. And so the Christian Democrats demand that Czech presidents be elected by people…not politicians…


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