The New World nostalgia: Czech products in North America

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kofola1Wherever you are, you always miss some product from another place where you’ve spent a great part of your life. When I went to high school in Provo, Utah, I missed typical Czech school lunches that consisted of warm soup, the main dish and fruit salad. And when I returned home again, I missed huge roast burgers from Arby’s, Little Debbie’s Swiss cake rolls, or Sunkist — but somehow I failed to appreciate the lunches I admitted to had missed in the U.S.

That is called nostalgia.

Czech immigrants in the U.S. and Canada and their families naturally experience nostalgia. There are millions of kinds of candy bars, soft drinks and other merchandise. But they need their favorite Czech product. At least once in a while. Don’t ask them why. I am not asking either… I am pretty sure it is a part of a person’s identity, just like a “Proud-Parent-Of” bumper sticker, favorite NHL team jersey, etc.

And there are companies that have a cure for nostalgia… like this one – They sell Czech-made chocolate, or soda, or even cosmetic products.

From the point of view of a Czech customer/consumer, the stuff is terribly expensive. But then again, I am not judging nor criticising. It is not easy to import the stuff and obviously North American market wants it.


3 Responses to “The New World nostalgia: Czech products in North America”

  1. I’m surprised that I never came across Hermelin cheese growing up in the States. It tastes great! I think there would be a great exporting business in that if Americans became familiar with the cheese.

  2. I am trying to find a butcher in the U S A who carries and will ship “Jiternice” to me here in New York. My past butcher went out of business when Cedar Rapids Flooded.
    I foud one in Texas but he only carries cooked sausages. I want uncooked.
    Can you assist me?

  3. A pretty good Jiternice:

    Polashek’s Locker Service Inc.
    PO Box 81
    Protivin, IA 52163

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