Wizzair to recruit cabin crew in Prague. Why do they have to be nineteen?

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Wizzair, probably the biggest Central European low-cost airline, will recruit its future cabin crew employees in Prague Thursday.

The company’s website is inviting young people who are interested in becoming cabin crew members just to show up with their photo and CV and they will be told in the afternoon. Told what?, I asked a friend of mine who plans to apply. They will be told who passed the preliminary interview-based selection.

Speaking of selection, the very first selection is weird already…

The airline is announcing age restrictions: only applicants aged 19 and over can apply. Generally, under the provisions of the Czech Labour Act age-based discrimination is illegal.

Of course there are exceptions, but they have to be legitimized, like by previous experience which will logically add up the years. Like ATC controllers can not be 18. And an actress to play Juliet can’t be a mom of five who is 40. But the minimum age does not make sense…it would be too early to jump to conlusions and claim it violates the Labour Act…but it looks like it… the legal age is 18 here, what difference does the one year make in terms of employment experience? A curious question sent to the PA and PR department…expecting a reply…

cc_wizzInsider look at the job interviews:
Only 30 people showed interest and showed up. They were invited into a room one by one and they were asked three lame questions (age, previous experience and why they want to do this). They were assigned numbers. Then they had to wait outside for the verdict. The committee went outside and said out loud seven numbers of people who obviously advanced into some kind of next round. The remaining 23 people were told “thanks and bye”.


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