When a naked Trojan horse eats your notebook…

In Entertainment, Internet, Life, Media, Politics, Technology on March 20, 2009 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , ,

virusNo more Internet porn. A typical resolution for a man whose firewall and anti-virus programs are beaten and eaten by a Trojan horse dressed as an EXE file with no clothes on and doing things we all do…

Yes, my systems crashed yesterday and the computer started to do strange things, like rebooting when I clicked on an innocent Mozilla icon.

And it wasn’t because I like to watch videos of landing aircraft on YouTube. A technician who cleaned the hard drive had a lot of work and he said there had been multiple Trojan horses, some of them from hacked e-shops that their owners fixed only after I had downloaded the bug…

Czechs are generally very open-minded when it comes to pornography, as long as it is legal. A while ago we (we = when I was the senior editor at the Brnensky denik daily – not a tabloid!) did a story on the Mayor’s adult son who turned out to be a gay porn star. Most people I talked to reacted by “so what” and “it does not mean that the Mayor is a bad Mayor”.

I did see a sample clip of the Mayor’s son because we had his ordinary-life photo and we had to be absolutely sure before calling him and asking for a statement, so more people’s “it-IS-him” opinion was necessary.

And I hope it was not the Mayor’s son’s clip that ruined my notebook hard drive. That would, well, suck…


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